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Yesterday, Jen and I attended a beeswax candle making workshop put on by the kind folk at the Richmond Bee Club. A lot of great people turned up for the event. It was a fun filled day with lots of fantastic candles made by all!

The wax was provided by the Bee Club and sold on a per weight basis at a very fair price. Volunteers broke up large bricks of it to make it easier to melt. It looked like hard work and we were grateful to have them doing it for all of us.

The chunks of wax were placed in a melting bath and gently heated to a liquid that we could use to pour in to candle molds.

The Bee Club members supplied a variety of different candle molds and provided helpful teaching on how to properly wick and pour candles. There was an assortment of metal molds as well as silicone molds and the opportunity to try examples of each.

Some people attending the workshop began making taper candles. They tied candle wicks weighted with metal nuts to a cross piece and repeatedly dipped the wicks in to a vat of hot wax. They worked in a circle alternating whose turn it was to dip between the group. This allowed each person’s candle to set before the next wax coating. They went around and around for several hours and by the end had created some really beautiful hand made solid beeswax taper candles!

Since this was our first time making candles, we stuck with using molds. We were able to pour a number of different candles to get a sense of what it is like to work with the different types. This experience will be helpful when it comes time to purchase our own molds.

There was still a lot of snow on the ground which we used to our advantage to get the candles to set up faster. This allowed more people the opportunity to make a variety of candles.

The workshop ran for a few hours over the afternoon. The turn out was fantastic and everyone was friendly and helpful. We met a number of lovely fellow bee keepers and left with a nice collection of our very first hand made candles. We hope to attend future candle making workshops with the Bee Club as it was a really enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. We thank everyone who made this workshop possible.