EquiFlora is an owner operated micro apiary located adjacent to the Fraser River riparian zone in the heart of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

From our onsite, home based hives our bees produce honey made from nectar collected from a wide variety of local vegetation. This gives our honey a unique flavour that varies with the nuances of each season.

EquiFlora honey is bottled directly from the hive. It is always left raw, meaning that it is never heated nor subjected to micro-filtration. It therefore retains its natural complement of local pollens, enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants which together give raw honey its many therapeutic properties. In addition to its rich delicious taste, raw honey has countless health benefits ranging from countering pollen allergies to healing wounds and preventing bacterial growth.

Our pure, raw, local honey is currently available¬†direct from the farm, from Southlands Nursery,¬†and from the West Boulevard Veterinary Clinic. We invite you to try the all natural honey provided by the hard-working bees of EquiFlora…


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